The business of helping small to mid-sized businesses to do better and reach higher.

It means giving not only existing businesses but also Start-Up’s a good foundation to grow from, and it means helping established businesses to find their roots and realize new vitality.

It also means connecting Businesses to other Businesses. Not only nationally but also internationally by assisting these businesses to navigate and to overcome any and all Business Cultural Barriers which may impair them from achieving their Production goals, Supply Chain & Distribution objectives, International presence, and ultimately, their Profitability.

Företag’s creation was years in the making, starting as a vision in our Founder’s mind, and brought into reality with a desire to expand the great potential for international trade between Canada, Brazil, and the United States.

Företag is your resource for an array of business needs:


Företag’s Mission

At Företag, we work to make a difference to our Clients by having solutions that help, by being a channel that leads to more opportunity, both domestic and internationally. We believe that good business yields good business, and that by being real with our Clients, in treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve, and by doing no harm, we will always remain worthy of that trust that our Clients place in us.

Founder’s Bio

Marcos has always had a formidable business acumen, made clear when he opened his first business at only age 18.
After an internship in the Hospitality Industry with Marriott, one of the largest hotel chains in the world, he followed his interest in Real Estate, and in Consumer and Business finance by working for 2 of the largest banks in Canada and in becoming a Correspondent Mortgage Lender.

Throughout his career, he witnessed too many small business owners fail merely because they followed bad advice, in desperation took less than affordable funding, or because they didn’t have the resources to find the distributors that could seize the opportunity to make a difference in their business plan.

Seeing the loss of those businesses over the years felt tragic to Marcos, so he decided that he needed to create a company that could be the difference to those business owners. That would offer a better way to them, and to provide that expertise without doing harm.

When it comes to furthering trade between the United States, Canada, and Brazil few people could be as uniquely qualified to serve in this capacity as Marcos, our Founder, who is a citizen of all three countries.

Which puts him in an ideal position to be able to promote trade and to help Manufacturers within and among the three countries, and to help manufacturers in the three countries to begin ventures within them.

Marcos retains tremendous love for all three countries the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Marcos grew up in the Amazon, where he learned to care about the richness that’s within. He is engaged in promoting its preservation, the sustainability of all peoples, the protection and growth of all communities and cultures. He is passionate about people, equality, inclusion, human rights, and justice.



Företag is your resource for an Array of Business Needs.
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